About M.O.R.R.

My Off Road Radio – Getting You Home Safe Since 2017

Have Fun, Play Responsibly, Get Home Safely

We here at My Off Road Radio believe in going out and enjoying life. But we are huge proponents of doing it responsibly, in a way that helps preserve our recreation for those that come behind us. We also realize that there is a bigger trend going on of more people getting out, going on adventures, getting lost (on purpose), and not everyone knows how to do it in a safe manner to ensure that they make it back home to loved ones after the adventure is over.

Because of this, we have created My Off Road Radio to help anyone and everyone, no matter your skill or knowledge level, play in the outdoors. From afternoon hikes, to hardcore rock crawling, you will be able to find information and resources to help you get lost, and then get home safely.

My Off Road Radio is located in Northern California, in the Sacramento region. Right in the heart of the awesome Sierra Nevadas. Our playgrounds are places like The Rubicon, Fordyce, The Pacific Crest Trail, Desolation Wilderness, Lake Tahoe and more! We have years of hiking, camping, offroading, skiing, white water rafting, and overall adventures under our belt. Let our mistakes and lessons guide you on your journeys through the back woods! Check out what we have to offer below!


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