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1st Gen 4Runner Tech and Mods

Mods, Tech, And Installs For 1st Gen Toyota 4Runners

1st Gen Toyota 4Runners have been around since 1984. They cover the years of 1984 through 1988 and have a cult following. The My Off Road Radio RunnerCrawler is a 1985 4Runner with EFI and factory straight front axle; the Golden 4Runner model! We picked it up in November 2016 and have spent the time since then, going through maintenance issues and making components stronger. So far, we have taken it through lots of amazing places such as The Rubicon, Fordyce, Barrett Lake, Bald Mountain (near Shaver Lake), Red Lake, Mirror Lake, Niagara Rim, Signal Peak, and much more! Thanks to its light weight build and wide Irok swampers, the RunnerCrawler does awesome in snow, so, of course, our favorite time to wheel is during the winter! Most of the mods that we post on here can also be done to 1984-1988 2nd Gen Toyota Pickups the same way. Enjoy the fun!


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