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How often do you go adventuring? How often do you go get lost? In 2012, the average American went camping 13 days in the year. Whether you are below the average, right at it, or above, there is one thing that everyone loves; equipment that makes life easier and safer while spending time in the outdoors. Below, you will find all sorts of information on items that might tickle your fancy, items to stay away from, and items that may just be the specialized device you were looking for. We at M.O.R.R. are equipment and gadget fiends. We love trying out new things and seeing if they really do help, or work, in the outdoors. We have reviews from camping, backpacking, and hiking equipment. So check out the posts below and see if you find what you are looking for!


Off Road Ham Cram Ham Radio Technician License Class

Northern California Ham Cram for the Ham Radio Technician License for Off Roaders Our next Hamageddon Ham Cram Class is scheduled for August 19th, 11am to 8pm PST, at Mountain Mikes Pizza in Gold River, CA. Below are the details ...
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What Is A Ham Radio Repeater?

Ham Radio Repeaters for Off Roading As an off roader and avid 4x4 adventurer, repeaters are a massive part of why I got interested in ham radio to begin with. Repeaters are this magical machine that takes your radio transmissions, ...
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Ham Radio Off Road Trail Communications with SnailTrail 4×4

Talking About Off Road Ham Radio Trail Communications with SnailTrail 4x4 We got to sit down and have a fun chat with Jimmy Jet over at SnailTrail 4x4 about ham radio and other off road trail communication options. SnailTrail 4x4 ...
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The Off Road, Online Ham Radio Class

Online Ham Radio Classes for Off Roaders - Now with FCC Practice Tests! People ask me all the time why they should get a ham radio license. My answer is always the same... As an off roader, why wouldn't you ...
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Ham Radio and Off Roader’s Christmas Gift Guide

Ham Radio Gifts, Off Road Gifts, 4x4 Gifts, Camping Gifts, and Even Jeep Gifts! We got the ideas covered for you! It's that time of year! Christmas shopping is going on all over the place, and if you are anything ...
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Ham Radio & GPS Map Apps

We Tried Out Some GPS Map Apps On The Trails! Combined With Our Ham Radios, They Were Pretty Awesome We have been a huge fan of map and gps apps that work without cell reception. This allows us to explore ...
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