Cleghorn Bar 4×4 Trail and Campground

Cleghorn Bar 4×4 Trail and Campground


cleghorn bar 4x4 trail campground

Cleghorn Bar 4×4 Trail and Campground

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Cleghorn Bar Quick Trail Info:

Difficulty (1-10): 3-4 (31s and 4Lo preferred. Limited Slip differentials are a bonus)
Distance: 12 Miles
Apprx. Travel Time: 1.5-2 hours
Type of Trail:
In and Out, Very Steep
Directions to TrailHead: Directions on Google Maps
Governing Authority: Plumas National Forest
Sponsoring Club:
Typical Operating Season: Summer – See Trail Review for more information
Closest Fuel Stop: Quincy – One Stop
Last Starbucks Stop for JK Owners: Starbucks Safeway, Quincy
Ham Radio Repeaters: AF6AP
147.94500- pl 123.0  KR6G 145.470- pl 123.0
Fire Permits: Help Prevent Wild Fires!
Last Updated: 8/1/18


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Cleghorn Bar GPX and KML/KMZ Files

We personally prefer Gaia GPS for all of our trail mapping needs. Get a membership (20% off for My Off Road Radio readers if you follow this link!), and then you can either upload one of the files below into your Gaia account, or click on this link here and save our public Gaia GPS Folder to your own folders. Then go hit the trails!

Cleghorn Bar 4×4 Trail & Campground KMZ File
Cleghorn Bar 4×4 Trail & Campground GPX File


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Cleghorn Bar Trail Review

Cleghorn Bar is one of our favorite campsites in NorCal. It is situated right on the middle fork of the Feather River, and is difficult enough to get to, to keep riff raff out.

The trail down to the campground is extremely steep. It covers just under 2,000 ft of elevation in about 4-5 miles. There are not many places on the trail to get crossed over and require lockers or limited slip differentials, but you will want to be in 4Lo going down in order to save from ripping your brakes off.

The last 1/4 mile of the descent has some extremely tight, steep switchbacks. Longer wheelbases will have more trouble here. Please do your best to just make the 10 point turn if you need to. This helps alleviate the ruts in the trail that are caused from people trying to make the turns in one turn.

While this campground is open all year, do not go down to this campsite during wet weather or wet conditions. The trail can get overly slippery, and being so narrow, can throw you over the edge quickly. Let alone, coming back up the canyon in wet conditions will be near impossible, even with lockers front and rear, and swampers.

Once down the canyon, the campground is setup with 4 distinct camp sites, and can hold roughly 10 vehicles. Restrooms are a single pit toilet, with a great view of the sky (no ceilings), and no door. Just 4 walls, and an entry way. We have found that singing polka helps alert people to your presence in the restroom.

The Feather River has, historically, had great fishing. However, in the last 10 years, the fishing has severely declined. You can try your hand, by hiking a good mile up or downstream. If you end up venturing very far up or downstream, be very careful! Within about 1/4 mile of the campground in either direction, and you will need to cross the river to continue. Rocky climbs are plentiful, and offer high risk scenarios, especially as you head downstream.

Roughly 1/2mile up stream from the campground are a few great swimming spots and places to cool off for the day.

Bring mosquito repellent, toilet paper, and potable drinking water! The deer around here are plentiful, but will leave you alone if you are making noise. Black bears are in the area, so be prepared to pack away your food appropriately at night. If you have dogs, the wildlife pretty much leaves you alone.




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Cleghorn Bar Obstacles

We do not have any pictures of the switchbacks during the last 1/4 mile of the trail. If you would like to submit some and show off your rig, please email them to Thanks!


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Cleghorn Bar Points of Interest


cleghorn bar 4x4 trail campground
Sign at TH Parking


The only real point of interest here is the parking area at the trail head. If you want to come with a friend, you can leave your car here for the weekend. This helps to keep the vehicles down in the campground to a minimum. Also, it’s a good place to keep the car if you don’t think it can make it down the canyon.


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