Ham Radio


Ham Radio is like magic in a little box. Most hams will tell you that when all else fails, ham radio doesn’t. It is highly regarded as the last resort form of emergency communications. Check out ham radio options in the backwoods through the links below!


Ham Radio Reviews and Information

Ham Radio For The Outdoor Off Road Adventurer - Reviews and Information Ham radios (Amateur Radios) are little boxes that use voodoo magic to communicate very long distances. They are hands down, one of the best tools and insurance policies ...
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Testing Tips

Find a Testing Location Through the ARRL Website Please go through the list below to make sure you bring all of the necessary items for your ham radio exam: 1. A legal photo ID (driver’s license, passport) 2. If no ...
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Ham Radio Programming

We can help you get your ham radio(s) programmed! This helps YOU get on the air FASTER without the headaches of dealing with FTDI drivers, xcel spreadsheets, finding repeaters in your area and their programming info. We do all the ...
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This course will prepare you for the Amateur Radio Technician License Exam that is administered by your local Volunteer Examiners. It comes complete with audio so you can either read at your own pace, or listen and read along, or ...
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