Whenever someone signs up for their Ham Class through My Off Road Radio, they have the option of donating 15% of their registration to their favorite 501(c)3 organization! Below are organizations that we believe in. They all help to fight for keeping lands available for recreational usage. They fight for you, me, and everyone else that likes to wander. Please check them out and support your favorite outdoor recreation organizations!

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Snail Trail 4×4

Snail Trail 4x4 Ever since I could remember I’ve enjoyed taking things apart. My parents noticed that as well. When I was young they gave me many electronics, such as TVs, typewriters, VCRs, many complicated contraptions that I would disassemble ...
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San Diego Off-Road Coalition

Mission Statement The Mission of the San Diego Off-Road Coalition (SDORC) is to further off-roading as a safe family experience while promoting and preserving the natural environment. To Achieve Our Goals SDORC works with elected representatives, land managers, government agencies ...
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Trail4Runner - The 5th Gen 4Runner Resource From 4Runner Mods to Step By Step Installs - has everything you need to know about your 5th Gen 4Runner Mods For detailed late model 4Runner mods, is your resource. ...
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Trail Therapy Off Road

Mission: At Trail Therapy Off-Road our goal is to provide our Military Veterans with the knowledge and skills needed to safely Trail Therapy Off-Road's mission is to empower Military Veterans and their spouses through off-roading adventures. Goals: At Trail Therapy ...
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About Cal4Wheel We're the California Four Wheel Drive Association, Inc. Since 1959, our non-profit organization has actively promoted the advancement of vehicle oriented outdoor recreation. Today, the association represents over 8,000 members and 160 member clubs. We are the largest ...
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The California Off-Road Vehicle Association (CORVA) (And the CORVA Foundation) is: California's Off-Road Voice for Access. They advocate on behalf of their membership to promote, protect, and preserve off-road recreation and automotive access on public lands throughout California. The group ...
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