17 ft NMO to PL259 Coax Antenna Feed Line

17 ft NMO to PL259 Coax Antenna Feed Line


Browning WSPBR1015 Enclosed Nmo 3/4 Hole Mount


  • Weight: 0.900 lbs
  • UPC: 048097110561
  • cable


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We use this feed line in all of our NMO ham radio antenna installs. Inexpensive, good quality, just enough length to reach most antenna mounting locations. Make sure you get the correct connections for the radio and the antenna. This one has a PL259 going to the radio, and a 3/4″ NMO to the antenna.


Fully weatherized, fully shielded zinc housing;

high frequency low loss up to 1.5 ghz;

solid brass nmo ring ;

gold contact pin;

17ft rg-58 a/u cable with tinned copper braid 95% & tinned copper stranded center conductor;

uhf male pl-259 connector with strain relief installed


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