Dual Band Magnetic Mobile Ham Radio Antenna


Dual Band Magnetic Mobile Ham Radio Antenna

  • Includes: X1 18 inches Dual-Band VHF & UHF Antenna, X1 10 Ft RG58 Cable with SMA-Female Connector and Magntic Base.
  • Fast Installation: 2.95″ Strong Rare Earth Magnet Base. Fix it on the car roof in a second.
  • High Performance: Omni-Directional Dual-Band VHF & UHF (137-149,437-480 Mhz),VSWR: Less 1.4 (145 Mhz)/ Less 1.2 (455 Mhz),Gain 2dBi/ 3dBi
  • More Durable: Waterproof Design,Stainless Steel Antenna, RG58 Heavy duty Cable, Antifreeze materials
  • Quality Assured: Two Years Warranty, Just Replace New for you if quality problem.


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We specifically picked this antenna for its performance and value that we have reviewed and offer. The advantage to having this antenna, is that it gets your signal to the outside of your vehicle. When you transmit from a handheld inside your vehicle, the metal body and glass windows will decrease your signal strength dramatically. Having this 3db gain antenna on the outside of your vehicle will more than double your radio’s effectiveness. For Jeep owners, just take this and slap it on your hood while off roading, then take it off and store it away when you get home!

This mobile antenna work for any SMA-FEMALE connection radios only.
This is a dual-band magnet mount antenna with up to 3 dB of gain. It is designed to be used with your handheld radio (with the common thread SMA-Female adapter). It will help improve your signal by mounting the antenna on any vehicle with a steel body.
Mounted vertically and Omni-directional which allows it to receive signal from all directions.
It has a heavy duty rare earth magnet on it’s 2.95 inch magnetic mount, this is the perfect antenna for cars, pickup trucks, vans and SUVs. With 10 foot long Heavy Duty RG-58 cable, you are able to put your Antenna on almost any vehicle application.
1x Magnetic Mount Base with SMA female connectors.
1x 18 inch antenna.
Compatible for: Bao Feng:UV-82X, UV-5R, BF-888s,BF-F8HP,BTECH Handheld Radios: GMRS-V1, MURS-V1, UV-5X3



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