Ham Radio Programming – CSV File (Codeplug) and Booklet




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Ever wondered what repeaters are around you? Or what repeaters cover certain areas, and how to access them? Or more importantly, programming your radio with all of the little pieces of information that need to be put in just right? Don’t fret about it. We’ve got you with our online ham radio programming.

Purchasing this item will get you a customized repeater data sheet for where you live, or requested areas that you visit often.

You will receive up to 100 repeaters and/or frequencies, and all of their information on an .CSV datasheet. Along with the .CSV file, you will receive a customized M.O.R.R. Reference Booklet. This comes complete with your radio programming that you can use as a reference sheet of where to find the repeaters in your radio, for whatever geographical area you are in.

That booklet can be printed out from any PDF Viewer. You can then keep the booklet in your glovebox, in a bug out bag, in your camping supplies, or make multiple copies and keep them everywhere!

When you purchase this item, you are only purchasing the customized .CSV file and Reference Booklet. If you would also like us to program your radio, please check out our Radio Programming Service.

Along with your area(s) that you might be interested in, we can also include in your 100 options:

  • Sections of the WIN System (a massive repeater system that covers from Napa and Auburn down to San Diego)
  • Sections of the CARLA System (Another massive repeater system that covers most of NorCal, Central Cal, and Western Nevada)
  • Maritime Mobile Frequencies
  • King of the Hammers Race & Team Frequencies
  • Weather Stations
  • MURS and FRS frequencies (capped at 2 and 4 watts of power legally. Please do not transmit on these frequencies at a higher power)
  • CB frequencies if you have an antenna and radio capable of operating on CB
  • NOAA Weather Channels
  • National Call Simplex Frequencies

If you want to see more information on how this all works, check out our Online Ham Radio Programming information page!

Please allow 24-48 hours for us to get in contact with you via email to figure out what area(s) you are interested in for your radio.


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