Online Ham Radio Technician License Class

This course will prepare you for the Amateur Radio Technician License Exam that is administered by your local Volunteer Examiners. It comes complete with audio so you can either read at your own pace, or listen and read along, or listen while you are working on other things. Make sure to stop by our Testing Tips page after you take the class for some tips and ideas on how your morning of testing will go!

All of the quiz questions are taken directly, verbatim, from the Technician License Exam Question Pool for the 2018-2022 version. So, if you ace the class, you will be all set to take the exam!

Make sure to remember, that when you sign up for this course, you get to donate 15% of the class fee towards your favorite non profit, outdoor activist group. If you can’t think of any off the top of your head, venture on over to our Partners Page and find one you like! M.O.R.R. thanks you for helping to keep our trails public!

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Course Content

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Amateur Radio Technician License Introduction


FCC Technician License Practice Exam


Section 1 – Rules, Regs, and Definitions


Section 2 – Operating Procedures and Repeaters


Section 3 – Radio Waves (Cowabunga??)


Section 4 – Station Setup


Section 5 – Electrical Math!


Section 6 – Switches, Capacitors, Inductors, Oh My!


Section 7 – Transceivers and Antennae


Section 8 – Communication Modes


Section 9 – Safety Second!… or First.


Section 10- The Bonus Section! What to do With Your License!


Section 11 – Overview Material to Get You Through the Test