Ham Radio Off Road Trail Communications with SnailTrail 4×4

Talking About Off Road Ham Radio Trail Communications with SnailTrail 4×4

We got to sit down and have a fun chat with Jimmy Jet over at SnailTrail 4×4 about ham radio and other off road trail communication options.

SnailTrail 4×4 has an awesome YouTube channel and website run by the one and only Jimmy Jet. Jimmy is an awesome guy that loves getting dirty, taking things apart, and sharing his knowledge and skills with everyone. He loves off roading, and perhaps best of all, has a passion for TOYOTAS!

He has some great videos on his website about break over angles, approach angles, how to organize a shop, parts and fluids to take on the trail, jack maintenance, a bunch of 5th Gen 4Runner installs, Rubicon Trail videos, and much more. Definitely go check out his stuff, and keep crawling!




You can find Jimmy at:

SnailTrail 4×4 Website   SnailTrail 4×4 Instagram   SnailTrail 4×4 Facebook   SnailTrail 4×4 YouTube


Radio options in this video:

First on Left: Mark III GT-3TP 8 Watt IP 54 Rated Handheld Ham Radio ($45.00)

Second from Left: BaoFeng UV5R 4 Watt Handheld Ham Radio ($25.00)

Third from Left: BaoFeng UV5R 4 Watt w/ upgraded battery pack ($35.00)

Fourth from Left: BaoFeng UV5R 4 Watt Handheld Ham Radio ($25.00)

Furthest Right: Yaesu FT 60 Handheld Ham Radio ($170.00)


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Also, if you don’t have your Ham Radio Technician License, head over to our Online Ham Radio Class and study up! Remember, 15% of your registration goes back into keeping our trails open!


And, of course, don’t forget to check out our MORRFlate 4 Tire Off Road Inflation Deflation Kit!



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