Ham Radio Programming



We can help you get your ham radio(s) programmed! This helps YOU get on the air FASTER without the headaches of dealing with FTDI drivers, xcel spreadsheets, finding repeaters in your area and their programming info. We do all the searching and hard stuff for you.

If you are just looking for a good selection of repeaters in your area, select the “.CSV File and Custom Reference Booklet” below. 

If you also need help programming your radio, you will need to ship it to us. Select “Ham Radio Programming Service” below as well.

While your radio is over visiting us in NorCal, it might also be a good idea to have a Ham Radio MARS Mod during the programming process if you also want to use it on open use frequencies such as MURS and/or FRS. *Please note* The FCC requires Type Certifications on all radios sold in the United States. Making a radio operate outside of its factory defined FCC Type Certification, can open you up to fines by the FCC. So please know and be aware of how you will be using your radio if you go through the Ham Radio MARS Mod process. 

You also have the option of just receiving a .csv file with local (to you) repeaters’ information, if you would like to program your radio yourself.

Pricing for the radio programming service is below:

.CSV File and Custom Reference Booklet – $35
Ham Radio Programming Service – $25 first radio, $15 each subsequent
Ham Radio Mars Mod – $0-$60




The .CSV file comes with up to 100 repeaters and/or frequencies specific to your geographic location. This file can then be imported into your favorite programming software.

Along with your area(s) that you might be interested in, we can also include in your 100 options:

  • Sections of the WIN System (a massive repeater system that covers from Napa and Auburn down to San Diego)
  • Sections of the CARLA System (Another massive repeater system that covers most of NorCal, Central Cal, and Western Nevada)
  • Maritime Mobile Frequencies
  • King of the Hammers Race & Team Frequencies
  • Weather Channels
  • + Other Special Requests

Each .CSV file also comes with a customized M.O.R.R. Reference Booklet. This file can be printed out like a booklet from xcel and kept as a reference for your radio memory channels.

To inquire about currently available geographical areas, email info@myoffroadradio.com. Please allow 24 hours for us to reply.